The places of the heart


Anafi is the opposite of Santorini because it is still untouched by mass tourism. The scarcity of shelters may discourage sailors but once you get there you will be overwhelmed by the powerful emotions that only a special and unique island like Anafi can offer you.

The places of the heart


This butterfly-shaped Island is ten islands in one. It belongs to the Dodecanese but it has a Cycladic soul as evidenced by its picture-perfect white Chora topped by the Kastro, considered by many as the most beautiful chora in the whole Aegean Sea.

The places of the heart


Set between Rhodes and Nissiros, the small and forgotten Tilos is the island of the peace of mind.

The places of the heart

Kythira and Antikithira

Foto panoramica dell'isola di Tilos

The last and southernmost of the Ionian Islands, Kythira leads a separated life enjoying the peace and the quiet of its remoteness.

The places of the heart


Never heard this name? No wonder. Kasos is the ultimate frontier of anti-tourism.