The places of the heart

Kythira and Antikithira

The last and southernmost of the Ionian Islands, Kythira leads a separated life enjoying the peace and the quiet of its remoteness. The legend says that Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty was born in these waters and in fact Kythira has a bounty of beauties to offer. From the arduous west coast, rocky and wind-beaten, to the indented and sheltered east coast hosting the small port of Diakofti, in the vicinity of which the haunting bow of the rusted wreckage of the Nordland emerges from the sea. Going south, sailors will discover the enchanting and peaceful fisherman village of Avlemona but the real not-to-be missed stop in the island is Kapsali, the “main” town where a sea turtle adopted by the local fishermen swim peacefully in its water. At Kapsali life is concentrated on a thin strip of seafront filled with cafes and local restaurants and a short uphill walk leads to the Chora of the island, comparable in splendor to the Cycladic villages and offering a spectacular view on the port and the sea