The places of the heart


Ikaria owes its name to the legend according to which the wax-winged Icarus flew too close to the Sun that melted his wings and made him fall on this marvellous sea. It is a quite unknown island with an undeserved bad reputation: in fact, the threat of the tremendous katabatic wind that keeps sailors far away from its shores has preserved its wilderness and pristine beauty.

Located West of Samos, the Southern coast of the island boasts several well protected bays where the sandy bottoms offer infinite and safe anchoring possibilities.

Ikaria features some magnificent white and pink granite formations reminding us of the coast of Sardinia but also wonderful “tropical” beaches like the so-called Seychelles beach recalling the famous Anse Lazio at Praslin, in the Seychelles archipelago.

In addition to the main port, Agios Kirikos, the South coast also offers another very special mooring possibility, in the tiny port of Manganitis nestled in the granite rock.

The North coast of Ikaria is often off-limits during the summer because of the strong meltemi but if you have the chance – as we had – to find some calm days, you can discover enjoy its magnificent and pristine sceneries.