Summer 2017

Summary of our sailing cruises

After wintering at the marina of Samos, a marvellous island of the Eastern Sporades lying very close to the Turkish coast, we started the summer season 2017 sailing around the magnificent and welcoming islands of the Northern Dodecanese that have become a home away from home, such as Agathonissi, Arkangelos, Lipsi, Arki, Marathi and Patmos, with long stops in pristine bays, exhilarating sails borne by a gentle meltemi, nice swims in crystal-clear waters and dinners in the picturesque family-run “tavernas”. Afterwards, we sailed south touching familiar islands where we enjoyed the company of dear friends who set course with us for Astiphalea, the amazing butterfly of the Aegean, dotted by spectacular coves and wild beaches, a real paradise waiting to be discovered. Astiphalea is so beautiful and welcoming that you could spend a whole vacation there considering the abundance of landings and beaches and the many islets dotting its water and offering a wide range of mooring opportunities. From there, a short sail westward took us to Anafi, the real and most pleasant surprise of this season. Anafi is the last or the first island of the Cyclades (depending on where you arrive from) and it boasts the largest rocky buttress in Europe after the Rock of Gibraltar. A small island far from mass tourism, Anafi is a favourite destination for young campers who set their tents in one of the 5 magnificent and long sandy beaches on the south coast. From the enchanting little port, a steep staircase or a winding road lead to the picture perfect “chora”, an amazing terrace overlooking the Aegean sea offering breathtaking views on Santorini (that is just 12 miles away). This jewel of Cycladic architecture offers all the comfort you need – restaurants, bars and shops – but it is not so chaotic or crowded as some of the most popular sister islands.
Our summer ended with a slow and pleasant navigation from Astiphalea to Kalymnos and Kos, where we left My Song for a couple of weeks to get ready for the next adventure.