The places of the heart


As a destination of our sailing holiday in Greece we propose the Island of Milos, a real must at least if we want to believe to the say according to which “If you haven’t seen Milos you haven’t seen Greece!.” In fact Milos is like one hundred islands all in one, because of its huge variety of natural amazing landscapes ranging in colors and shapes: from the high and steep white, yellow and red cliffs of Firiplaka, to the spectacular white and grey rocks, caves, walls and arches of Kleftiko, not to mention the famous beaches of Gerakas, Triades, Kambanes. The northern coast boasts another jewel, the stunning and moon-like area of Sarakiniko characterized by blinding white rocky terraces reaching down to the sea. After a pleasant stop in the nice city of Adhamas set at the end of a wide and peaceful bay, you cannot miss a visit to the enchanting Island of Kimolos – a low and barren island with an enchanting Chora and a marvelous and tiny traditional fishing hamlet – as well as to the uninhabited and splendid Poliagos, with unforgettable white and desert beaches.