The places of the heart


“Italians – Greeks: one face, one race “. This statement, so true and so popular in every corner of the Aegean comes exactly from this small island that is the easternmost corner of Greece.

Location of the Oscar-winning film “Mediterraneo” directed by the Italian film maker Giuseppe Salvatores, Kastellorizo still preserves the atmosphere of the film that gave it world-wide popularity.

A borderline island, Greek to the roots but also open to neighbouring Turkey, Kastellorizo is blessed by the absence of the fierce meltemi that plague all the other islands of the Aegean. The pristine and crystal clear water reaches temperature totally unknown in the Aegean allowing visitors to indulge in long and relaxing swims.

The small town is built along the U-shaped port that offers moorings for visiting yachts that can also drop anchor at the centre of the bay with the sensation of being at centre stage. The seafront is dotted with brightly painted low houses, small and perfectly restored buildings hosting cafes and local restaurants teeming with life after sun set. A small uphill alley with a long staircase leads to the ruins of the castle with a breathtaking view over the port.

For those who wish more peace, we suggest to drop anchor in front of the tiny island of Aghios Georgios boasting a small Church turned into a restaurant, in a large expanse of turquoise water where you can lazily bask in the sun forgetting everything, and the passing of time in particular.

Kastellorizo also boast another treasure, the not-to-be-missed blue grotto, whose low entrance is almost invisible from the outside and is accessible either swimming or with a small tender. Once inside, a huge cathedral-like cavity opens, featuring all the shades of blue and whose beauty is comparable to the more famous Blue Grotto of Capri, Italy.