The places of the heart


The elegant Sifnos is the island of choice for all those seeking peace. The main harbor-city of Kamares lies on the western coast; the rest of the coastline is wild and dotted with beautiful anchorages including Vourlidia and the well protected Vathi.


Rinia has a special appeal for sailors: its peculiar and extremely indented coastline offers several deep bays in all its sides, guaranteeing a shelter with all kinds of wind.

Halki e Alimia

Two peaceful jewels, a few miles from the Western point of Rhodes.


There are some anchorages that are extremely dear to sailors. We refer to those almost perfectly closed coves that become shelters under any wind conditions. Among these there is Ormos Despotiko.


Vacanza crociera in barca a vela nell'isola greca di Koufonissi

Koufonissi, a jewel of the Lesser Cyclades, lying in strategic position between Naxos and Amorgos. By Koufounissi we mean two islands, Kato Koufounissi uninhabited and boasting amazing rocky bays, and Pano Koufounissi with a small port, a charming village and five unforgettable white beaches.