The places of the heart


Karpathos is the perfect destination for those in search of something different and unique. A thin and curvy vertical strip of land set at the centre of the Southern Aegean, due to very challenging sailing conditions, Karpathos is completely cut out of the traditional tourist itineraries.

Donoussa. The Island of Devil

Notoriously named “the Island of Devil” by sailors, Donoussa, a real jewel of the Aegean Sea set East of Naxos, is unapproachable when meltemi blows fiercely.

South Coast of Crete

The 150 miles of the South coast of Crete are the wildest corner of the Mediterranean Sea.


The island where Saint John the Evangelist took shelter in 95 A.D. to write the Apocalypse is pure magic. A perfect mix of harmony, elegance and majesty, Patmos is curvy in shape and warm in the colours of the land that dives into the cobalt blue sea.


The small, peaceful and sleepy Lipsi is everybody’s favourite for the sheer charm of its welcoming nature. The legend says that even Ulysses had a hard time to leave this jewel of the Aegean Sea.