Autumn 2017

A summary of our sailing cruises

After two weeks of well-deserved rest at the modern and efficient Kos Marina, we took to the sea for a long autumn cruise exploring less-known islands. The first stop was Giali, an extraordinary little isle south of Kos, characterized by the presence of a pumice quarry and blessed by crystal-clear water, amazing sand beaches and white pumice dunes offering the opportunity to tumble down into the sea. From there, taking advantage of a good tailwind, we set course for the enchanting tiny island of Saria, an uninhabited strip of blessed land just North of Karpathos. Thanks to perfect weather conditions we spent two relaxing days swimming and snorkeling in pristine waters with magnificent bottoms and spectacular rocky formations, and wondering around the island in total silence. From there, we sailed along the wild and apparently inhospitable coast of Karpathos, a beautiful island where the notorious meltemi can reach record speeds with extremely violent and sudden gusts. We stopped at the small and enchanting port of Diafani from where, with a short bus ride we reached the picture-perfect village of Olimbos, a real jewel waiting to be discovered. From there we continued south and after a lunch stop in the bay close to the airport, – a real paradise for wind and kite surfers – we sailed to the even wilder and peaceful Kassos, and spent the night in the picturesque port of Fry. Here, a swimming stop at Armathia, with its long and desert sandy beaches, spectacular granite formations and unique colors, is a must.
From Kassos, we crossed a stretch of sea that is rightly considered as one of the most challenging and tricky of the Aegean sea because of sea and wind conditions but having paid a close attention to the weather forecast we enjoyed a fast and exhilarating sail that led us to the north-east coast of Crete, and dropped anchor in the spectacular and Caribbean-like bay of Vai, famous all over the world for its spectacular palm grove. We continued our cruise sailing south, always borne by the ever-present meltemi and we visited some nice bays and villages, including the marvelous Koufounisi. Then, before the meltemi became too violent, and to allow our guests to take the plane from Heraklion, we sailed north and we reached the lively Marina of Agios Nicholaos where My Song is spending a nice winter.