Album, summer 2018

A short story of our sailing trips

After a nice winter and a pleasant spring at Agios Nicholaos Marina, on the North East coast of the magic island of Crete, we started the sailing season exploring the north coast of the island with stops in the most enchanting and picture-perfect locations of Crete as far as the magnificent Venetian city port of Chania, on the north west side of Crete. Before taking a long tack to Milos, taking advantage of very mild wind conditions, we spent a fabulous night in a remote and deserted bay a few miles from Chania where we could fully enjoy the rare and breathtaking moon eclipse. After some days between the stunning and multicoloured rock formations and cliffs of Milos, Kimolos and Poliagos we set sails northward to the super windy and pristine Serifos that boasts one of the most intact and beautiful “chora” of the whole Aegean Sea. From there, pushed by the ever present meltemi we enjoyed a thrilling night sail to the calm of Despotiko and for the rest of the month we sailed between some of the real jewels of the Aegean including, Paros, Anti Paros, Koufounissi, Schinoussa, Iraklia, Keros, Ios, Amorgos, Anafi from where we reached once again the legendary and beautiful butterfly-shaped Astiphalea, the first – or the last island depending where you come from– of the Dodecanese. After a few days spent exploring the most beautiful spots of this magic island from the land and from the sea, we departed to Kos, and from there we spent some days zigzagging between the well-known and beloved islands of Kalimnos, Giali and Tilos where we spent unforgettable days waiting for the right wind conditions to sail back to Agios Nicholaos. After some days with our friends from P’aca y P’alla, we sailed south to Karpathos with a pit-stop at the pristine tiny island of Saria. We then moored for a few days in the small fisherman port of Pigadia where we rented a car to explore the endless beauties of Karpathos since the meltemi was in full blow. In our terrestrial adventure we discovered magnificent white beaches, wonderful coves, spectacular rocky formation, fascinating old villages, tree-covered slopes and a lot of nice eateries and tavernas where we enjoyed the local food. When the meltemi finally calmed down we set sail to the neighbouring Kassos hoping this time – after the failed attempt of the previous year – to spend at least 1 day exploring the wild and enchanting south coast but even this year we had to give up due to strong wind. After a relatively calm night in a nice bay, we took the sea for the most challenging sail of the seasons since the stretch of sea between Kasos and Crete can be quite rough and challenging due to wind and sea conditions. And true to its notorious fame, the sail was quite exhilarating and thrilling with gale-force winds and a quite rough sea. But in the end we made it and we enjoyed a magnificent night in the world famous bay of Vai characterized by the largest palm forest in Europe. After some relaxing and lazy days spent swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing at Spinalonga, we reached our berth at Agios Nicholaos Marina, where My Song is spending a very nice winter.