The places of the heart


The most Italian among the Dodecanese Islands, it has become our home away from home since 2011. Also called the 7-lake island because of its fjord-like bays, Leros is a bit different from the typical picture-perfect Greek islands. Having been “occupied” by the Italians for many years, the small town of Lakki features a series of remarkable buildings built according to the traditional architecture of the beginning of the XX century.

The island features an extremely indented coast and the two enchanting villages of Pandeli (with the ruins of a massive castle and the typical wind-mills on top of the hill) and Agia Marina are definitely worth a visit, be it for the pleasure of dining in one of the typical Greek restaurants on the beach. We do suggest rent a scooter to discover the breathtaking sights and wonderful landscapes. Leros can be reached by plane (daily flights to/from Athens and the other Dodecanese Islands operated by Olympic Airways) and by sea (ferry links to/from Athens and all the other islands).