The places of the heart


The small, peaceful and sleepy Lipsi is everybody’s favourite for the sheer charm of its welcoming nature. The legend says that even Ulysses had a hard time to leave this jewel of the Aegean Sea. According to other sources, Lipsi was the island of the famous Calypso and some malignant rumours dared to affirm that the hero was attracted more by the beauty of the island than by the gracefulness of the nymph.

With its magnificent indented coast and its gentle hills, Lipsi is the ideal place for all visitors. Pathways or roads depart from all bays offering visitors the possibility of breathtaking walks with stunning views. The island offers a wealth of safe bays and shelters, including the magnificent Hoklakoura or the even more protected and spectacular Lera Lipso. Lipsi is surrounded by a series of micro archipelagos such as Macronisi, in the South, offering a stunning daily stop or Aspronisi in the East, with crystal clear turquoise water and a white cobblestone beach.

The village and the port of Lipsi lie on the West coast, at the bottom of a large bay. The seafront is dotted with tavernas and ouzeries, featuring the unmissable octopus drying in the sun.

One of the real wonders of this paradise is the wonderful cove of Platì Gialos, which can be reached on foot or by boat, meltemi allowing, featuring an incredible turquoise water “swimming pool” and a tamarisk-fringed solitary beach.